I have been painting for as long as I can remember. However, since I encountered Rudolf Steiner’s colour study, painting has become an integral part of my life.
I am an interior designer but my artistic development really began when I met Anna Cardani and the Accademia San Luca, which she directs in Milan.
My works originate from the choice background materials, which are often recycled and tell a tale all of their own.

My canvases, made of cotton and linen, come from old clothes or jute sacks and are very often the inspiration for a new story.
Even new canvases are either untreated or primed with rabbit glue; nothing industrial is used.
The same goes for my choice of wood, recuperated from carpenter’s off-cuts or on building sites or, otherwise, from windows and doors discarded during renovation.
My colours derive from natural pigments, made-up according to ancient recipes; acrylics are only a last resort when paintings are re-elaborated, re-utilized and recycled as stories and painting techniques superimpose and stratify.

In some paintings different materials accompany or integrate the colours, such as metals (gold, copper, zinc, hematite), sand, stones or earth which I have stolen from our planet on journeys and are now offered in my work as a gift to the eyes of the beholder. I use beeswax to protect the colours and warm my work.
For an artist living in Milan this path is not always easy, but a constant quest for contact with the earth and gifts from the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms

“He to whom nature begins to unveil its obvious secret, will feel an irresistible yearning for its most worthy interpreter, art”


Background images: Self-portrait - Dimensions: 80 x 80 - Technique: Mixed on wood - Year: 2002